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Sunday, November 8, 2009

NBA Power Rankings 1108

1. Boston — Celts look great, but Rasheed’s 72 wins prediction is still ludicrous
2. L.A. Lakers — Not even Pau Gasol injury can slow these guys down
3. Denver — Carmelo Anthony the very, very early MVP front runner
4. Orlando — Chucking 3-pointers and Dwight Howard a winning combo
5. Phoenix — Channing Frye pickup looking good for Suns
6. Miami — Anybody else surprised Quentin Richardson has made this team better?
7. Cleveland —Having O’Neal and Ilgauskas clog the lane hurts James
8. San Antonio — Bigger problem: 0-3 on the road or Ginobili killing bats?
9. Portland — Good to see Greg Oden with two working legs
10. Houston — No Yao or McGrady and still atop the Southwest Division
11. Dallas — The Matrix showing he still has some game left
12. Atlanta — Jamal Crawford as a 6th man makes this team dangerous
13. Chicago — Losing Tyrus Thomas to a broken arm hurts
14. Utah — Deron Williams could be the best PG in the NBA
15. Toronto — Bargnani finally playing like a No. 1 overall pick
16. Philadelphia — Lou Williams making Philly fans forget Andre Miller
17. New Orleans — Okafor has four double-doubles in Hornets first five
18. Charlotte — Don’t be surprised if LB has this team in the playoffs
19. Washington — Arenas it’s not the media’s fault you got bad knees, end the ‘boycott’
20. Oklahoma City — Love the young trio of Durant, Westbrook and Green
21. DETROIT — Gordon as good as advertised, but injuries have set this team back
22. L.A. Clippers — Comb-over Kaman playing like an All-Star
23. Milwaukee — Michael Redd injuries becoming as common as cheese in Milwaukee
24. Indiana — Roy Hibbert showing he may not be a stiff after all
25. Golden State — Stephen Jackson playing nice with Don Nelson for now
26. Memphis — Someone explain why this team signed Iverson? Why???
27. Minnesota — Signing Sessions makes little sense if they believe Flynn is the guy
28. New York — Knicks might regret signing David Lee to only a one-year deal
29. Sacramento — Losing Kevin Martin could make this team unwatchable
30. New Jersey — Wonder if Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov kept his receipt


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