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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pistons' offense stalls in loss to Thunder

The Pistons offense was awful in the second half of a 91-83 loss to the Thunder Friday night. Detroit shot just 27 percent in the second half and had zero assists in the fourth quarter (three in the entire second half).

There was no ball movement by Detroit, especially in the fourth quarter when it seemed like Ben Gordon was the only player being aggressive. Gordon had 13 fourth-quarter points and finished with 25, but couldn’t carry the load by himself.

“We did not trust the offense in the fourth period, don’t kid yourself,” Pistons coach John Kuester said. “We didn’t move the ball the way we had. You have to do that to sustain and make teams defend in the fourth period. We basically allowed them to load up on us.”

Not having Richard Hamilton certainly contributed to the poor offense and it’s unclear when Hamilton will return.

“I think it did,” Gordon said when asked not having Hamilton hurt on Friday. “He obviously is a huge part of this team. To start the game we had some decent offensive plays, but in the second half we became stagnant and we stopped moving the ball like we did in the first half. Everything was a one-or-two pass shot.”

Charlie Villanuvea had eight points, but scored just one point in the second half and shot 3 for 12 from the field. The entire Pistons frontcourt combined for six points in the second half.

“The whole team, it just seemed like we couldn’t make a shot,” Villanueva said. “Guys were getting frustrated or what not. It seemed like there was a lid on the rime. It’s a learning process and it’s a long season and we just have to learn from all the things we did wrong.”

Ben Wallace led the Pistons effort defensively, finishing with 12 rebounds, three steals and two blocks in 32 minutes.

Note: Gordon received three stitches above his left eye at halftime after banging his head on the floor on the final shot of the half.