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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hamilton questionable for Friday

The Pistons could be without one of their top offensive weapons in the home opener tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Guard Richard Hamilton is listed as questionable after spraining his ankle during Wednesday night’s win over the Memphis Grizzlies.

Hamilton was hurt when he was fouled late in the fourth quarter and came down on the foot of the Grizzlies’ O.J. Mayo.

He missed practice Thursday and was soaking his ankle on the sideline as practice came to a close.

“It hurts a little worse than yesterday, when it actually happened,” Hamilton said. “I been (taped) up all night since it happened so we haven’t even really took off the tape to take a real good look at it yet, so we’ll see.”

Hamilton said strength and conditioning coach Arnie Kander wanted to keep the tape on in hopes of limiting the swelling and they planed on taking the tape off later in the day Thursday.

“Because of the throbbing all day, I want to take it off, but Arnie’s trying to not have a whole bunch of swelling on my ankle so he’s trying to keep it compressed and things like that.,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said he normally doesn’t get ankle sprains, but he felt his ankle touch the floor Wednesday so he was concerned.

“I don’t have ankle sprains that’s the crazy part about it,” Hamilton said. “I think I’ve only had three my whole life. When I twist my ankle I know it’s pretty bad because I don’t do it. For me to have to leave the game, that’s always a concern of mine because I always try to finish the game.”

Pistons coach John Kuester said he has not made any decisions about a starting lineup if Hamilton can’t go and is discussing several options.

“We are going to discuss that today,” Kuester said Thursday. “We got a number of options, either staying with Ben (Gordon) coming off the bench or starting him. Either way we consider Ben a starter anyway. We are going to make that decision tonight.”

Hamilton was having a great opening night Wednesday when he was injured. He finished with 25 points, four assists and three rebounds.

“Rip was phenomenal last night,” Kuester said. “He really did a tremendous job. He put a lot of pressure on Memphis’ defense. I thought it was a flashback to ’04. The only reason I say that is I haven’t been with him the last (few) years. Watching him in practice and watching him in the preseason, he brought it to a different level last night.”


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