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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stuckey ready to move on

Nobody is looking forward to moving on from last season more than Rodney Stuckey. The third-year pro bore the brunt of the Richard Hamitlon-Allen Iverson mess last season and had trouble understanding former coach Michael Curry’s message.

“I was overwhelmed and confused,” Stuckey admitted about last season. “But hey that’s part of growing up and being a man. That’s how it’s going to be sometimes. That’s in the past and we’re just looking to the future.”

Stuckey said he took some time off after the end of the season, going home and trying to get his mind off basketball before coming back to Detroit to work on his game.

“I just took some time off to relieve my mind off basketball for a little bit. Went home, went on a couple vacations and after that it was back to business,” Stuckey said. “I actually came up here for a good month to workout and brought a couple of my friends out here to workout with me. From there on, it was workouts.

“(I was focusing on) getting in better shape. Just making sure I keep my core. Mainly it was a lot of shooting. The most important thing for me is to get a lot of jump shots up, because a lot of teams are going to go underneath screens and things like that. I just have to be ready to shoot.”

Stuckey was asked at media day if he thought he was ‘The point guard’ entering training camp and he didn’t hesitate to answer that.

“I come into camp thinking I’m the point guard,” Stuckey said. “Will Bynum is a great player. He is one of my good friends on the team. He’s relentless, a hard worker and I’m happy to have him on my team. I think we are going to do a lot of damage this year.”

There was also talk of Ben Gordon seeing time at point guard, which Stuckey said he wouldn’t mind.

“He’s going to be out there playing the one a little as well,” Stuckey said. “There is going to be times, where I’m on the wing and he’s going get the ball on the break and I’m going to have to fill his spot.”

Mr. Twitter
Charlie Villanueva didn’t realize how big the story would become when he sent the now infamous “Halftime Tweet” while with the Bucks. But Villanueva doesn’t regret the incident and is glad to embrace it.

“I didn’t even mean for it to get that much attention,” Villanueva said. “I don’t know how it happened. Coach (Scott) Skiles just called me into his office and, ‘What’s this about?’ I was, ‘How did he know about this?’ But he did. And it seemed like everybody else just picked it up as far as all the media and what not. Some people didn’t know who Charlie Villanueva, but they know now.”

“It’s cool,” Villanueva said about being known for the incident. “It doesn’t hurt me at all. The more attention, I guess the better. Marketing yourself. You got to brand who you are, the Twitter incident definitely helped me out.”

The NBA implemented some Twitter guidelines for players during the offseason, something Villanueva certainly noticed.

“That’s a Villanueva rule. I’m going to go in there and see if I can change that,” he said. “Twitter is all fun and games. It’s way to stay connected with the fans. I think the fans deserve that. I have a good time doing it.”


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