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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Heading into downtown Philadelphia Thursday night, I
saw a huge tractor pushing around a huge pile of junk
just off the highway.
The stench wasn't nearly as bad as the Pistons' Game 3
stinker here Friday nght.
How bad was it? The team that made the fewest
turnovers this season in the entire league had 25.
Their regular-season high was 18. They surpassed that
by the end of the third quarter, which was easily the
worst quarter I've seen them play in a meaningful game
since I started covering these guys in 2000.
They didn't make a two-point basket in the quarter;
They hit two 3s early on and that was it.
Just inexcusable. Chauncey Billups denied his team
lost composure but if it looks like a skunk and smells
like one, well, you know the rest.
Bottom line: Game 4 is pivotal in the direction this
franchise will head over the coming years. If the
Pistons go down 3-1, I can't see them recovering. And
if they lose this series, they HAVE to change the
We'll find out more later today on Antonio McDyess,
who had his nose broken in the third quarter Friday.
If he can't play, Jason Maxiell will probably start.


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