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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The last thing the Pistons need after losing Game 1 is
an injury to one of their regulars. That's why it was
alarming to see Chauncey Billups walking slowly and
flexing his right knee after practice.
According to Billups and Flip Saunders, it was just
some minor soreness. Billups attributed it to a tough
practice while walking to his car after leaving the
practice facility, though he was held out of a
practice last week because of soreness.
"I'm all right," he said several times.
Saunders didn't act concerned, either.
"Chauncey's always in a situation where he gets hit a
little bit but he's OK," he said.
It doesn't look like a major development but it's
obviously something to monitor in the coming days.


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