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Friday, April 18, 2008


What are the chances that the Pistons will win the NBA
Las Vegas oddmakers believe there's a decent chance of
that happpening. They're the fourth choice behind the
Celtics, Lakers and Spurs to win it all.
According to, Boston is the 3-2 choice,
followed by the Lakers at 3-1, San Antonio at 11-2
(5.5-1) and the Pistons at 13-2 (6.5-1).
It's somewhat surprising to me that the Pistons have
longer odds than the Spurs, who have a much tougher
road to make the Finals. They have to beat
fifth-choice Phoenix (8-1) just to get out of the
first round.
Other Pistons' related odds - chances of winning the
Eastern Conference title - 5-2, with Boston the 1-2
choice. Philadelphia, the Pistons' first-round
opponent, is a 50-1 proposition to reach the Finals.
The most likely outcome in their first-round series is
a 4-1 Pistons victory (5-2 odds).
Chauncey Billups is a 15-1 shot to win the Finals MVP
while Richard Hamilton is 20-1 and Rasheed Wallace is
The Pistons practiced Friday after taking the day off
Thursday. Everybody's healthy and available for
Sunday's opener.
Flip Saunders wouldn't say who would be on the 12-man
active list for Game 1.
Cheikh Samb and Walter Herrmann will surely be
deactivated; The other will be Lindsey Hunter or Juan
I don't think Hunter will play much in this series;
he's a defensive specialist and the Sixers are
probably the worst offensive team in the playoff


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