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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


You've got an opponent that can't make 3-pointers.
Their offense is predicated on pick-and-rolls and
penetration. What to do?
The obvious answer is to zone them up and dare them to
shoot outside. I fully expect Flip Saunders and the
Pistons to do just that in Game 2 of their Eastern
Conference series.
My gut reaction to the Pistons' defensive strategy was
that they felt they could stop the Sixers without
resorting to any junk defenses. Time to try Plan B.
The Sixers got 44 points in the paint in Game 1.
Zones leave teams suspectible to offensive rebounds
but the Sixers get those anyway. If guys like Andre
Miller, Willie Green and Andre Iguodala are forced
into a steady diet of 20- and 25-footers, the Sixers'
offense will be a mess.


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