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Monday, March 18, 2013

Frank responds to hoopla over DeAndre Jordan dunk on Brandon Knight

When the Clippers' DeAndre Jordan dunked over Brandon Knight last week, the internet exploded. It became a trending topic on Twitter, videos on YouTube (which can been seen below this story) hit 10-figure views and bloggers were talking about it for days.

Pistons coach Lawrence Frank, who returned to the team Monday after missing six games to attend to his ill wife, had a strong reaction to all the hoopla over the dunk and think it says something about the basketball culture.

"That’s what I think our basketball society is (expletive) up," Frank said. "It wasn’t even Brandon’s fault. Who really should be called out is who made the defensive mistake. I just don’t understand, that’s what we’re glamorizing? A dunk? Brandon had the courage to put himself up there. Too many guys, they’re called game quitters, they’re in the game but they’re really not in the game. So they bail out just because they don’t want to be dunked on.

"To me, I don’t know what the culture, whether it’s an AAU environment, I hate to blame that, or what the situation is. But when read that and saw that stuff, it just goes to show you we’re celebrating the wrong (expletive). We really are. If Brandon could have fouled the guy and the way DeAndre shoots free throws, it would have been a total non-issue. At least Brandon has the courage to put himself out there to make a play.

"The fact that people laugh about it, joke about it, I don’t know. There’s a whole lot more things to glamorize in our sport than something like that. I don’t even understand how that’s a story. You read about how it’s trending on Twitter. Talk about Miami winning 22 games in a row or talk about something else. But a dunk? Who cares. Brandon has the right spirit about it, but it’s crazy. I think it speaks more about our basketball culture. The things we make a big deal out of that are really (nothing), come on move on."


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