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Monday, September 27, 2010

Pistons Richard Hamilton not sure what to make of "crack down"

The NBA’s plan to crack down on “overt” gestures or whining was a topic of discussion at Pistons media day. Richard Hamilton is worried he might rack up some technicals.

“I do a lot of that,” Hamilton said with a smile.

“One of my good friends told me that the other night. He’s like, ‘Hey man, they’re going to start to call whining technicals.’ And I was like, ‘That puts me at 15 before midseason.’ Just got to do a better job.”

What constitutes a technical under the new crack down is unclear, there are some guidelines that were sent out, but the final decision will be up to the referee.

“It’s going to be tough, it’s going to be hard,” Hamilton said. “That’s really tough to call. Every play down court guys are whining. I don’t know how they are going to figure out what is whining and what is not.

“Any player that plays with emotion, it’s going to be tough. Somebody like Tayshaun, he’ll be cool. You never know what he’s thinking, but somebody like me, I might get a gang of them”

What will Hamilton do to try and avoid the technicals?

“I don’t know, put some tape over your mouth or something,” Hamilton said. “Whining can be emotions. You don’t even have to say something to whine. It’s going to be very tricky.”

Should be interesting to see how this plays out over the season.


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