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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best case scenario for Pistons is three-way tie for No. 3 seed in NBA Draft lottery

The Pistons can finish no higher than a three-way tie for the No. 3 seed in the NBA Draft lottery after both the Wizards (25-56) and Kings (25-56) lost Monday night.

Detroit (26-55) fell to the Raptors, but Washington falling to New York and Sacramento falling to Houston means the Pistons can only tie both teams.

Detroit would have to lose at Minnesota on Wednesday and Washington and Sacramento would have to lose their final game. The Wizards host Indiana and the Kings play at the L.A. Lakers.

Golden State (25-55) is sandwiched between the three teams and can clinch a share of the No. 3 seed with losses in its two remaining games. The Pistons could pass the Warriors if they lose their final game and Golden State wins both of its remaining games. The Warriors host the Jazz and play at Portland.

Detroit can finish no lower than a tie for the No. 6 seed as a result of the Knicks (29-52) win Monday. The Pistons loss Monday also assured they will finish behind the L.A. Clippers (28-53).

The only other team in the mix with Detroit is Philadelphia, which fell at home to Miami on Monday. If the Pistons beat Minnesota and the 76ers (27-54) lose at Orlando on Wednesday, Detroit and Philadelphia would finish in tie for the No. 6 seed.

In the event of a tie the teams split the lottery chances between the spots they would occupy. For example if Detroit and Philadelphia finish in tie for the No. 6 seed, they would split the No. 6 seed and No. 7 seed combinations. If neither team moves up in the lottery, a drawing (which will be done on Friday) will determine who gets the higher pick.


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