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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Billups has harsh words for Pistons organization

Former Piston Chauncey Billups had some harsh words for his former team in an article on about Detroit’s fall from the NBA’s elite.

“I don't think they (Pistons brass) ever thought that I would have done what I’ve done nor they do what they’ve done,'' Billups said, who has made two All-Star teams as Nugget and lead the team to last season’s Western Conference finals. “I don’t think they ever thought that.”

Billups believes when he was with the Pistons the team represented the city of Detroit well, but that is no longer the case now.

“When I was there, we embodied the city of Detroit,” Billups said. “Tough and rugged, like blue collar. Our team embodied that so the city got behind us. And that’s how we played. We hung our hat on stopping teams and offense just kind of happened. We had great players. You just don’t see that same commitment. You don't see that desire with the team they have right now.”

Billups did admit the move to Denver helped re-light a fire in him that may have went out towards the end of his days in Detroit.

“It was a great move for me because it really rejuvenated me,” Billups said. “It gave me a chip on my shoulder that I probably lost in Detroit because we were just so good. I kind of got a little stagnant. It gave me a reason to be able to show me that I’m still me. I can still play at a very high level.”

Billups did wish his former teammates Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince well and thought they might benefit from a change like he did.

“I do feel bad for them. You never know what can happen,” Billups said. “You hope they have the chance to win another championship. I don’t know if they could do it (in Detroit) or not. But, right now, it’s just not looking good.”

The article from some strange reason also quotes former Piston Darvin Ham, now an assistant coach for the D-League’s Albuquerque Thunder. Ham was not kind to his former team either.

“Everybody talked about our team like we were a bunch of castoffs because we never had a big high-profile (player), but the reason we came out and kicked (butt) every night is you got guys with a chip on their shoulder who knew what being a Piston meant,” Ham said. “And I think they've kind of lost that.”

It's hard to argue with anything Billups said, but at the same time what would have happend if he stayed with the Pistons? Would they have won another title? Unlikely, unless another trade was made and that somehow rejuvenated Billups.

It was time for Billups and Detroit to part ways, the only problem is both moves since then (Allen Iverson and Ben Gordon) have not panned out. The jury is still out on Gordon, but I don't think he will ever had the impact Billups did.

As far as Darvin Ham, I'm just glad I know what he's up to. Good ole' 'Dunkin' Darvin Ham, wonder what he is teaching those guys in Albuquerque?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dumars in his defense did issue a very public warning to his players that they either wake up or get prepared to be traded away.

Too bad Billups didn't wake up that soon although he and Lindsey (Hunter) admitted to public that they were puzzled with Rasheed's quitting act against the Celtics in the playoffs a few yrs ago.

The problem was and always has been Sheed and the Piston management's stubborn refusal to trade him away. Dumars takes up the large part of the blame for this whole fiasco and the decline of the Pistons.

As Dumars waistline expanded more, the more the Pistons declined further. Too much junk food does affect anyone's brains.

March 12, 2010 at 11:56 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Billups trade was the worst thing for that team... Think of this lineup... Billups, Hamilton, Prince, as your front three, with stucky coming off the bench.. he is much better then all the money they paid for ben Gordon... rework the two big men and you still have a playoff team... Not anymore.

March 12, 2010 at 12:34 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Billups was washed up in Detroit, period!! He was responsible for a lot of the losses with his so called MR. BIG SHOT BIG HEADED TAIL. As for Stuckey, we would have been better off with Afflalo who was and is a far better guard (point & shooting) than Rodney Suck key. Fat Joey D needs to lay off the the idea of finding the next Joe Dumars which Rodney Suckey will never be. DANDOCDILL

March 28, 2010 at 10:10 PM 

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