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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pistons options limited at trade deadline

Wednesday was a busy day for the NBA as Thursday’s trade deadline nears.

Antawn Jamison was sent to Cleveland in a three-team deal as Washington attempts to rival New Jersey for the worst team in the league.

Chicago ridded itself of John Salmons, who while a solid player was not a good fit for the Bulls.

Even Darko Milicic got traded and for Brian Cardinal of all people.

Amare Stoudemire ... well he just broke the record for most trade rumors in a season and he’s not done yet.

This leaves Piston fans wondering, is Detroit going to make a deal?

Well that’s tough to say. General manager Joe Dumars is likely hard and work trying to make a deal to better the franchise, but the reality is the Pistons might not have anything anyone wants.

Teams that are active at the trade deadline have one of two motives. Clear cap space for the summer or try to add that piece to put them over the top.

Detroit has nothing to offer teams looking for cap space. The Pistons highest paid player with an expiring contract is Kwame Brown and his contract won’t clear much room.

The number of teams looking to add a piece to win a championship has decreased with Dallas and Cleveland both making deals. The Mavericks acquired Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood. The Cavs added Antawn Jamison.

What other contenders are looking to make a deal? And what do the Pistons have to offer them?

Detroit is likely not willing to give up Rodney Stuckey, Jonas Jerebko or its first round draft pick.

Nobody is likely calling to ask about Chris Wilcox, Chucky Atkins, DaJuan Summers or Austin Daye.

Odds are the Pistons are not willing to ship Ben Gordon or Charlie Villanueva out of town so fast unless the deal is right.

That leaves five guys: Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Jason Maxiell, Will Bynum and Ben Wallace.

Bynum and Wallace don’t make enough money to facilitate a major deal, although both have expiring deals. Odds are the Pistons want to hang onto Bynum, who is a restricted free agent. Wallace could get moved, but odds are he will retire as Piston.

Hamilton and Maxiell are pieces that could help a team, but the problem is their contracts. Both have three years left on their deals so teams will have to invest a lot if they want to add Hamilton or Maxiell.

Prince is the one guy most likely get moved, but the reality is his stock is probably the lowest it has been since his rookie year. Prince has battled back and knee injuries this season.

The questions about his durability are back despite the consecutive game streak Prince had before the back injury. Most teams will likely try to low ball the Pistons in a deal for Prince or try to dump players they don’t want.

Fans likely won’t be happy if the Pistons remain pat at the trade deadline, but the team is in a tough place.

Sometimes it’s better to stick with what you got than make a bad deal that can set our franchise back. The Pistons have to find that balance and the clock is ticking.


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