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Monday, January 2, 2012

Bynum currently out of Pistons rotation

Pistons coach Lawrence Frank has chose to go with a three-guard lineup of Rodney Stuckey, Ben Gordon and Brandon Knight as of late. That has left Will Bynum out of the rotation.

Other than the final three minutes in the loss at Boston on Dec. 30, Bynum has not played in the Pistons last three games.

“It’s hard,” Frank said. “Will’s a very, very good player. He’s obviously a guy we see as a game changer, especially on the offensive end. Someone who ... is one of our better pick-and-roll players. But it’s hard to play three point guards, especially cause outside of Rodney our guards are small.

“Will’s definitely going to have his day in the sun. He’s going to help us win games, but right now this is where we’re at.

“Especially with a new coach and a new system the one thing I’ve said to the group and I also say to myself is, ‘Flexibility.’ We don’t have all the answers right now. Will we feel is part of the solution. We’ll just see how it all fits.”

Bynum played nearly 13 minutes in the season opener, finishing with six points on 1 for 5 shooting, three assists, three rebounds and two turnovers. Bynum did not play in the home opener against Cleveland, played the final 3:25 at Boston on Dec. 30 and did not play in the Pistons win over Indiana on New Year's Eve.

Even though Bynum hasn’t been playing, Frank still feels he can be a part of the team's success.

“Even when you’re not playing you can contribute and part of that is being a good teammate, being involved, especially as a point guard you should really be engaged in the game,” Frank said. “Everyone on this level can play. A lot of it is about opportunity and combinations on the floor. What may be your lineup today could be different a week from now, could be different a month from now. Really the guys play determines how much they do or do not play.

“(With) Will, it’s not a lack of confidence, a lack of faith, a lack of belief or lack of ability. It’s just we have small guards and we’re not a good rebounding team. Defensive rebounding takes precedent and we’ll go from there. But Will will have his day.”

Villanueva battling injury
Charlie Villanueva is another guy currently out of the Pistons rotation. Villanueva was suspended for the first three games of the season, but did not play in Saturday’s win over Indiana, the first game he was eligible.

“It’s unfortunate for Charlie, he’s missed some time,” Frank said. “I think Charlie is another guy who will help us win games. Right now I’m not going to get into every individual player, but we’ll continue to go in the direction that we have. We’ll have an open mind. Practice and preparation and all the things that go into deciding playing time will always be a factor.”

Villanueva has been battling a minor foot injury, but Frank said Villanueva is healthy enough to play.

“He’s right about there,” Frank said. “It’s between his foot and ... I think compensation from other parts of his body. But, yeah, he’s health enough to play.”


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