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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pistons won't use amnesty clause this season

According to multiple reports, the Detroit Pistons will not use the NBA’s amnesty clause prior to the start of the season.

The amnesty clause allows a team to waive a player with a bad contract without the contract counting against the salary cap. The team will still have to pay the player, but gains valuable salary cap room.

Each team is allowed to use the clause once during the life of the new CBA, so the Pistons will not lose it by not using it this offseason

The Pistons have several potential candidates for the amnesty clause, including Richard Hamilton (owed more than $22 million over two years, not all guaranteed), Ben Gordon (owed nearly $35 million over the next three years) and Charlie Villanueva (owed nearly $23 millions over the next three years.

The Pistons are likely choosing not use the amnesty clause because they feel they will be better served on the trade market.

Hamilton was nearly traded last season and will be more appealing to contending teams since he is owed less money.

Villanueva has underperformed during his stint with Detroit, but his contract is not a bank breaker and his offensive skill set is still a valuable asset.

Gordon may be the hardest player to move, but perhaps the Pistons want to see if Gordon can turn things around after two disappointing seasons in Detroit.

Rather than letting the players walk with nothing in return and still having to write them a check, the Pistons will take their chances in the trade market.

Another factor to keep in mind is the weak free agent pool. If Detroit uses the amnesty clause, what would it do with the extra cap room?

The Pistons could wait until next offseason to use the clause or keep it in their back pocket for when the time is right. Remember, teams can use it any point during the new CBA, so the Pistons are likely thinking what's the rush?


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