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Friday, October 29, 2010

Pistons notes: Will Bynum out with hamstring injury

Will Bynum was out of the lineup Friday night with a right hamstring injury. Bynum missed the final two preseason games with the hamstring injury and re-aggravated the injury in the Pistons season opener at New Jersey.

“I think on one of those moves at the end of the game out in New Jersey I kind re-injured it,” Bynum said before Friday’s game. “The same thing I did up in Charlotte. I really can’t run right now, hopefully in a couple days or so I’ll be able to.”

The injury to Bynum leaves the Pistons really thin at point guard. Rookie Terrico White is already out indefinitely with a broken foot.

With Bynum and White both out, Prince will serve as the team’s backup point guard. It also means starting point guard Rodney Stuckey will have to play extended minutes.

Pistons coach John Kuester is confident Stuckey can handle the load, but doesn’t want his point guard to hold back at all.

“You don’t pace yourself ever,” Kuester said. “That’s why you have to play hard all the time. You play until we feel like you need a break, and then we give him a break and recover should occur. Our whole idea for basketball is to play 48 minutes. You can’t always play 48 like we want you to, but in the same token for us to have success, we’re going to have to play at a high level every time we step on the court.”

Kuester doesn’t mind hack-a-Ben
The New Jersey Nets used the hack-a-Ben Wallace strategy to help make their fourth quarter comeback on Wednesday.

Several teams used the strategy last season, but Pistons coach John Kuester made it clear he won’t be taking Wallace out of the game if teams go to the strategy.

“Let me tell you this, Ben Wallace is going to play for us. Period,” Kuester said. “Ben Wallace has won so many basketball games for the Detroit Pistons, I’m not even concerned about it.

“I’ll tell you why I’m not concerned about it, I have confidence in Ben. Hopefully they’ll make a mistake and a guy will foul him and realize he has five fouls and foul out.

“Do I think it’s healthy for the game? No. Is it a strategy? Yes. That’s the other teams thought process, but Ben is going to play for us.”

Unclear when Monroe will play
Pistons rookie and No. 7 overall pick Greg Monroe did not play in Wednesday’s season opener because of a coaching decision. Before Friday’s game Kuester was asked if Monroe would play and while he didn’t directly say no, it appears Monroe might not play unless someone is in foul trouble or the game gets out of hand.

“Greg is going to be a big part of this picture,” Kuester said. “(Jason Maxiell) did a great job, I thought, in New Jersey. We will look and see where we can fit him in. I’ve got confidence in him so I’m excited about getting him in also. But I’m not sure when it will happen.”


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