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Monday, June 1, 2009


To shake or not to shake?
That is the question in the wake of LeBron James' decision to ignore the usual post-series handshakes after his Cavaliers were eliminated by the Magic.
What has made the controversy linger is James' refusal to apologize for his behavior, even at the risk of looking like a poor sport to his legions of fans, particularly youngsters. James basically said he didn't see any reason why he should congratulate the people who just beat up him and his team.
I do think the whole handshake thing is overrated. Being a poor sport has more to do with the way you play and act during a series than whether you exchange a few meaningless handshakes and hugs with the opposing team afterward. It's especially strange to see hockey teams who just beat the daylights out of each other exchanging pleasantries after a series.
But this isn't an issue for LeBron to make some sort of a statement about such traditions. It's more important that he sends a message to his young fans to act with class and dignity in the face of adversity and disappointment. From that standpoint, LeBron has disappointed a lot of people.


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