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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Michael Curry never expected his first year as a head coach to be this bumpy.
Curry had everything mapped out during training camp of how his starting lineup would look, what roles the reserves would play and how to get the Pistons to peak during the playoffs.
Then came the Allen Iverson trade and Curry's master plan was blown up.
Here we are in mid-January and the team is floundering, players are bouncing in and out of the rotation and fans are screaming about the small ball lineup.
Curry has changed his mind too much and that's created confusion and frustration.
It may be simplistic to say let's make a plan for the rest of the way and stick with it. Injuries can always throw things off but I believe more than ever that Richard Hamilton has to bite the bullet and come off the bench. As I wrote in a recent blog, the starters should be Prince, Johnson, Wallace, Iverson and Stuckey with Hamilton and McDyess leading the second unit. Afflalo and Maxiell should also get consistent minutes. When Stuckey needs a rest, Iverson and Prince can run the offense for five or six minutes each half.
Hamilton said last week he was willing to come off the bench if that is what's needed. After five straight losses, something has to change. At the same time, once the change is made, stick with it and let the rotation players settle into their roles.


Anonymous Highland Park Teacher said...

Trade now or forever hold your peace ! Compare the western trip to now! Rasheed and Hamilton, could stand to be moved to a western conference contender. In return, a YOUNG big man for double digit rebouding and consistent scoring /fouling-AND/OR- big shooting guard. Imagine that type of line up against Boston,Cleveland, and now...Orland ?

January 18, 2009 at 6:31 PM 

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