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Monday, June 4, 2007


By all appearances, Flip Saunders will be back for a
third straight season as head coach. There has plenty
of speculation since the Pistons' playoff flop he
might be fired. When Saunders left without speaking to
reporters after the players' postseason meeting
Monday, more red flags went up. But Saunders wasn't
fired and the upper management is inclined to make
personnel changes instead, which is the right
There's no one on the coaching market who would bring
more credibility than Saunders. And if Billups had
made that 3-pointer at the end of regulation in Game
5, chances are the Pistons would have made it to the
Finals despite all their offensive problems during the
Cleveland series.
The Rick Carlisle situation four years ago was
different because A. Bill Davidson didn't like him; B.
A Hall of Famer was available.
Look at whom the other teams are interviewing: Would
Stan Van Gundy get them over the hump? Be serious.

Friday, June 1, 2007


The NBA has decided not to take further action against
Antonio McDyess for his Flagrant Foul 2 in Game 5,
which resulted in a first-quarter ejection. That means
no suspension is forthcoming, so Pistons fans can
breathe a little easier. McDyess' ejection was
pivotal, considering how the Pistons' interior defense
became a sieve in the late going. I don't think LeBron
would have gotten that many easy layups and dunks if
McDyess had been in there to protect the paint.